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Salmon Portion 200g

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Single portioned Norwegian Salmon fillets, ready to defrost and cook.

  • Raw salmon fillets with skin on
  • Product of Norway
  • Versatile for use in many meals

Size: Approx. 200g per piece

Storage: This item comes frozen and pre-portioned in single pieces of approximately 200g each.

4 Easy Steps for Preparation & Cooking: 

1. Defrost overnight in fridge, or by placing in a sealed bag in warm water for around 30 minutes

2. Remove from bag and season with salt and pepper (or your favourite seasonings)

3. Cook in an oven, frying pan or grill on the bbq until internal temperature reaches 63 degrees celsius

4. Plate and serve! (Goes great with a fresh side salad, pasta, or your favourite veggies!)