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Bite-Size Pommes Fondantes (Potato) (10pc x 38g)

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Classic French side dish of potatoes cut into cylinders and slowly roasted in butter and stock until the centre is meltingly soft and alight crust forms on the outside

Perfectly decadent and creamy, just heat and serve! Pairs well with our Lamb Legs, Salmon portions or mussels!

Comes cooked and frozen packs of 10pcs,  each piece is approx. 3cm in diameter, 3-4cm in height.


Cooking Instructions:
Defrost product under refrigeration at or below 5°C.
Coat baking tray with a small amount of butter and place the white face of the product down on the tray. Brush the rest of the product with 2g of butter and bake at 180°C for 10-12 minutes.