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Italian Herb sausage (1Kg pack)

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Meaty, snappy Italian-herb sausages seasoned to perfection for a quick and easy preparation. A great snack for kids! These comes in 1 Kg packs with about 16 pcs.

  • Quality White Herb sausages similar to Bratwurst sausages
  • At approximately 1 Kg pack

Size: Approx. 1Kg 

Storage: This item comes frozen in a sealed plastic bag. It can also be stored or defrosted in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before consumption. Never re-freeze defrosted items.

2 Easy Steps for Preparation & Cooking: 

1. Defrost in fridge for 1 day, or by placing sealed bag in running water for 1 hours

2a. Heat the sausages on a frying pan on medium heat and move them around for around 15mins. OR

2b. Grill the sausages on a BBQ for about 10-15mins

More Ideas to Try: 

- Plate with: mashed potato, a green salad or glazed carrots

- Pair with one our signature potato sides such as our Mashed Potato with a bit of gravy for quick Bangers and Mash!

- Pick up a pack of gravy mix from your local supermarket!

- End the perfect roast with a dessert! Check our dessert section for a selection of cakes.

    (*Ovens & stoves vary in temperature and results - keep an eye on your food as over-cooking may cause the meat to dry out)