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Duck Breast 220-240g

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Single portioned Duck Breast (Magret de Canard style) pieces, ready to defrost and pan sear.

  • Raw duck breast with skin on
  • Product of China
  • Tender and ready to sear and slice

Size: Approx. 220-240g per piece

Storage: This item comes frozen and pre-portioned in single pieces of approximately 220-240g each.

5 Easy Steps for Preparation & Cooking: 

1. Defrost overnight in fridge, or by placing in a sealed bag in warm water for 1 hour

2. Remove from bag and score the skin with a knife in a cross-hatch pattern

3. Season with salt and pepper and rub into the holes in the skin

4. Heat a frying fan to medium heat and place the duck skin down on the pan for 8 minutes. Turn the duck over and cook for a further 4 minutes.

5. Remove the duck from the pan and wrap in aluminium foil to rest for around 10 minutes. Slice, plate and serve!


More Ideas to Try: 

- Make a simple orange sauce by heating oranges, water and sugar in a low-heat saucepan, stirring regularly

- Plate with: mashed potato, roasted veggies or glazed carrots

- Pick up a pack of gravy mix from your local supermarket

- Allow the meat to cool, slice thinly, and add to your favourite salad