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Large Steamed Bao Buns 12pc x 60g per pack

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Light and fluffy bao buns ready to be filled with a meat or vegetable of your choice. These  Taiwanese cut buns (Gua Bao) are a traditional Taiwanese dish. The shape of Bao Buns is similar to the wallet, symbolizing prosperity and abundance!

Pair it with succulent meats, fresh veggies, or zesty sauces. These Bao Buns adapts to your culinary whims. Comes in packs of 12 pieces with each piece at 60g.

Cooking Instructions:

From Defrosted, place 2 pcs of bao buns on a microwavable plate with a wet napkin or plastic film placed over plate. Microwave products for 1 minute or until heated through

From frozen, place bao buns on steamer basket. Place basket on boiling water with lid on and reheat bao buns until thoroughly heated. (Roughly 10-13mins depending on number of bao buns)